Bryan W. Simon is an award-winning and critically acclaimed director, author, and educator.

Bryan’s films include the indie darling feature Along For The Ride; the big screen adaptation of Jay Johnson’s Tony® Award winning Broadway play, Jay Johnson: The Two & Only!; the first feature length documentary on ventriloquism, I’m No Dummy; and the follow up I’m No Dummy 2 as well as The Second Room.

For eight years Bryan was the Co-Producer of the acclaimed seminar series at The American Cinematheque. Bryan has also been a guest Instructor and lecturer on directing and filmmaking at National University, North Central College, the College of Lake County, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and DuPage College, to name a few.

He is the author of two books with Producer Marjorie Engesser: “I’M NO DUMMY: Everyday” and “Hey! I’m Talkin’ Here.”, an in depth behind the scenes look at the making of I’m No Dummy. In addition, Bryan has written countless articles on filmmaking for The Wrap, MovieMaker Magazine, and No Film School and others.

Bryan became interested in film at a very young age, initially buying a Super 8 camera and making short films with his friends. Later using an old Bolex 16mm crank camera, they made a short surreal film entitled, Loose Fitting Dresses are Easier to Get Into. The film, influenced by the likes of Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali, had nothing to do with dresses, loose fitting or otherwise.

From 1984 to 1993, Bryan was the Founder and Artistic Director for the Chicago area Stage Two Theatre Company.