I'm No Dummy Everyday

365 Days of Ventriloquial Oddities, Curiosities, and Fun Facts

I’M NO DUMMY EVERYDAY is a continuation of the hit comedy documentary I’m No Dummy directed by Bryan W. Simon. With the help of Vent Haven Museum, the only museum in the world dedicated to art of ventriloquism, this book brings to life remarkable facts, legends, lore and stories.

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Hey! I'm Talkin' Here.

The Story Behind the Hit Comedy Documentary, I'm No Dummy

HEY! I’M TALKIN’ HERE tells the fascinating story behind the making of the comedy documentary, I’m No Dummy, which stars Jeff Dunham, Jay Johnson, and Lynn Trefgzer, and is the first feature film examining the art of ventriloquism. Making movies is extremely difficult, if not nearly impossible. While pulling back the curtain on how this particular film was made, the book also provides many illuminating insights about filmmaking in general.

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